About US

Mayra Hernandez

Mayra brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the world of skincare and beauty. Her profound love for enhancing natural beauty and her ability to connect deeply with clients led her to specialize in consultations for facials, peels, dermaplaning, micro-needling, and other state-of-the-art treatments. Her dedication to helping clients reveal their best skin and achieve their beauty goals brought her to HCM Skin.

Mayra’s extensive knowledge, professional background, and sincere commitment to client satisfaction make her an invaluable member of our HCM Skin team. Always in pursuit of excellence, Mayra frequently seeks advanced training in skincare products, beauty techniques, and client care methodologies. 

Peggy Eribenne

Peggy is a distinguished Board-Certified Doctor of Nursing Practice, boasting a rich career that spans over a decade. With an initial 10 years dedicated to bedside nursing, her journey evolved through 4 years as a Nurse Practitioner, culminating in over 3 years of specialized experience in Aesthetics. Her professional path has been diverse, encompassing roles in Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Burn Care, Emergency Services, Family Care Practice, Neurology, and Oncology. 

Driven by a passion to enhance her patients’ well-being, Peggy is committed to boosting their self-esteem and confidence through the art and science of aesthetics and wellness. She excels in devising personalized treatment plans that aim for a natural appearance, tailored to each client’s unique aspirations.

Outside work, she finds joy in dancing, running, and embracing the outdoors, cherishing active moments and quality time with her family.

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