Customized Facials

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HCM Aesthetics offers treatments that refresh and revitalize, using natural elements with refined techniques.

Custom Facial

Indulge in a personalized skin treatment that exfoliates, hydrates, tighten, and protect to provide an instant lifting effect. A potent combination of active ingredients and a specialized sequence of massage techniques instantly transforms the skin.

Advanced Facial

A restorative treatment for dry, sensitive, or damaged skin, this calming facial uses a vitamin rich serum to deeply hydrate and potent antioxidants to fight free radicals to reduce redness, inflammation and protect the skin from the visible signs of aging. You’ll leave this restorative treatment with smooth, luminous skin that is vitamin-enriched and deeply hydrated.

Acne Treatment Facial

Also called a “decongesting facial” or “deep cleaning” facial, this treatment deeply purifies the skin and often includes extractions to unclog the pores. Acne facials tend to add and omit certain steps during the process in order to treat and prevent blemishes. Acne facials use products with specialized ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, tea tree oil, and sulfur to target acne bacteria and break up excess dirt and oil in the pores. LED light therapy may be incorporated as well as a high-frequency device to target active blemishes. 


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