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The Ultimate Glam Facial Treatment by HCM Aesthetics

Our Glam Facial Treatment promises glowing, head-turning beauty that’s sure to make you feel and look good!

Be it for social events or parties, HCM Aesthetics’ Glam Facial Treatment is here for anyone to have their skin professionally taken care of.

What is Glam Facial Treatment?

The goals of a glam facial treatment are downright beneficial and effective! We only use high-quality facial products and procedures to help improve your skin’s appearance by:

At HCM Aesthetics, clients love our Glam Facial Treatment and products.

Consult with us now and experience renewed skin with Glam Facial!

Glam Facial Houston

How is the Glam Facial Treatment Done?

First off, our aesthetician will perform cleansing on the skin followed by a gentle exfoliation that works from within, to obtain natural radiance.

Next, skin firming with a lifting mask to promote blood flow circulation and contouring. A series of our Glam Facial Treatments will give you dramatic results: reduced inflammation and redness, and a much brighter skin tone and lifted appearance.

Our clients find HCM Aesthetics’ Glam Facial incredible. Your skin is fully hydrated and moisturized. The results are visible, and truly amazing.

Glam Facial works excellent with a Dermaplaning add on, and you may request this service as well for the ultimate healthy and sophisticated look! Book a consultation with us today for more information.

How is Glam Facial Different from Other Facials?

HCM Aesthetics’ Glam Facial is a luxurious treatment for aging skin. It has an enhanced skin hydration and firming effect from high grade ingredients.

HCM Aesthetics’ Glam Facial is ideal for all skin types, regardless of age.

Our Glam Facial Treatment Procedure

Cleanse, Tone, and Exfoliate

Our licensed aesthetician will cleanse your face to remove residual dirt, makeup, and other impurities off the skin’s surface.

This is followed by prepping the skin with a toner, then exfoliation by gently scrubbing the skin to eliminate dead skin cells.


We use a serum that’s rich in nutrients that are immensely helpful to the skin’s overall appearance. The active ingredients in the serum allow for optimal penetration of the nutrients deeply into the skin. It is then left on for a few minutes before applying moisturizer.

The result? A finished, youthful and glowy look.


Our Glam Facial mask is fully enriched with Hyaluronic Acid that’s known to repair, hydrate and brighten the skin. Once you undergo our gentle and highly effective Glam Facial treatment, you can expect to see lines and wrinkles visibly reduced. Visit our HCM Aesthetics clinic so you too can get flawless looking, fully hydrated young skin that can be seen after the first treatment!


This final step ensures to bring out AND further enhance your skin’s youthful radiance by keeping your skin as moisturized as possible.

Effective & Lasting Results from Our Glam Facial Treatment

Have you ever found yourself struggling to the point where you bought and used beauty products, but only gave mediocre results leaving you feeling high and dry instead?

Be one of our happy and satisfied clients here at HCM Aesthetics! With a Glam Facial Treatment, expect to have moisture-rich and smooth skin.

There are solutions to any skin problems. Our licensed aesthetician will ensure that the results from Glam Facial are these:

  • Enhanced radiance
  • Soft, supple skin
  • Restored vitality that’s been lost from aging skin.
  • Skin becomes tighter and firmer.
  • Look young and fresh all day and night.
  • Hydrated through and through from after treatment.

Call us today! Or you may visit us at our Houston clinic for our popular Glam Facial Treatment.

Why Clients Choose HCM Aesthetics?

Our highly qualified and skilled aestheticians perform facial treatments which include the Glam Facial.

With us, your journey to lasting beauty always starts with a thorough skin analysis and recommendations. We have put together organic and all-natural ingredients that are carefully blended with modern skin products that are safe for all skin types.

Years of Professional Skin Care for Everyone

Clients trust HCM Aesthetics when it comes to their routine professional skin care. We proudly offer our Glam Facial Treatment, a non-invasive beauty procedure that’s highly and excellently recommended for aging skin for a much firmer, super radiant, flawlessly hydrated face.

Get The Red Carpet Look with Glam Facial!

Surely enough, you want the best for your skin, and we are here to serve you! Whether you have a special event to attend to or just want to treat yourself, you have come to the right place so please book a consultation with us today!

Get a firm, brighter skin tone. Our Glam Facial is a one-of-a-kind skin care treatment that’s been keeping our Houston clients happy.

Experience our exceptional beauty facial treatment today! Call us at 832-377-6154 or send us an email at


We offer many types of facial treatments. Call us if you have any questions and we can help you find the best and most suitable facial for you.

There is no downtime— you can pick up where you left off once you get home from our facial treatment. But, in order to get the best results, avoiding exposure to sunlight by applying SPF-rich sunblock cream to your face daily.

HCM Aesthetics' ultimate Glam Facial costs about $165.

As soon as you have your first treatment, the results will be visible: fresh and dewy skin, and you can feel your face thoroughly cleaned and moisturized. It gets better after every session!

Yes, we have clients from outside the Houston area. Anyone who's in the neighboring cities is welcome to visit us. Drop by at our office today and let's get you started on your beauty journey!

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