HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment

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Hollywood Best Kept Beauty Secret HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment

HCM Aesthetics Pilleo Mask Treatment + HOP (Sculplla Filler) uses innovative and sophisticated technology to work with any skin to deeply hydrate, moisturize, and soften the skin’s outer surface—giving it a plump, healthy look!

Get the most amazing, unbelievable results with our HOP+ Pilleo mask treatment for your skin. No blackheads, diminished pores, brighter, lovelier and plump skin all day, all night.

What is the Downtime After Pilleo Treatment?

There really is no downtime after getting your HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment. However, to get the most results, leave your freshly treated skin as it is for about 12 hours, avoiding sweat and water intake within that time frame.

Timeframe For HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment & Expected Result

Note that the results may vary based on the client’s skin type and past facial treatments and other beauty procedures. But if it’s your first time getting our HCM Aesthetics HOP and Pilleo Mask Treatment, you can see and feel the results right away.

  • A single treatment can last up to 5 weeks.
  • With a series of weekly treatments, amazingly beautiful skin can go up to 5 to 9 months.

Our Recommended Aftercare from HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment

We highly recommend 1 treatment every 2 months, making it a base from previous treatments. This is to help maintain your facial treatment results and to keep your skin safe.

Our Houston clients are loving the results and we’d love for you to visit us and achieve the freshest, healthiest glow.

What are the Benefits of Getting HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment?

Be one HCM Aesthetics steady clients that enjoy the many benefits of HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment! Call us today at 832-377-6154 or email us at info@hcmskin.com

Sculplla Filler Facial Treatment (HOP+ PILLEO MASK)

Our carefully chosen products have been proven to speed up the hydration process with long-term lasting effects from our Pilleo Facial (HOP+ Pilleo Mask) Treatment.

How Does Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) Work in Facial Treatments?

If you know SCULPTRA, it is an injectable filler with very tiny particles of PLLA as its main component. It’s known to be safe in facials which makes it biologically friendly to the skin, not to mention biodegradable.

HCM Aesthetics HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatment (filler facial) only uses high quality PLLA, the same ingredient used for treatments on many Hollywood celebrities. Our Pilleo Facial promises a healthy youthful, plump skin.

Other Facts About PLLA

Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA) can help intensify your body’s ability to stimulate more collagen which you ultimately lose through the years due to sun exposure, ageing, sudden weight loss, and poor skin care.

Many of our clients opt for the best HOP+ Pilleo Mask Treatments as it absolutely helps them to keep up with a skin care routine that proves to last for a long period of time. The result? Fresh and glowing skin compared to the years past where they often looked burnt out, lethargic, and just plain tired.

The Best Skin Care Only by HCM Aesthetics

Upon the first treatment, your skin experiences hydro boost in the innermost layers of the skin—this process is very important to contact the ingredients for the collagen production to begin. It’s non-invasive, safe, and a series of facial treatments allows for dramatic results that you will love!

Ongoing facial treatments may vary, but since we only use high grades of PLLA along with other products that help in giving more life to the skin, the result is always skin that’s plump, glowing, and fully hydrated from within.

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