PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston, Texas


PicoSure removes your unwanted tattoos with fewer treatments and faster recovery times.

When it comes to tattoo removal, PicoSure Laser treatments offer the most efficient solution. Unlike other methods of tattoo removal, Picosure can do more with fewer treatments and have a much shorter recovery time. This revolutionary technology uses laser energy to uniquely target and break up ink particles, resulting in a much faster and less painful treatment than other tattoo removal methods. 

PicoSure Laser makes tattoo removal even easier. The 755nm wavelength is able to target black, blue, and green tattoo inks, while the optional 532nm wavelength offers effective treatment of “sunset colors”—red, yellow and orange—which are typically hard to correct. Furthermore, this top of the line laser technology is able to remove recalcitrant tattoos and treat black ink in darker skin types using the 1064nm delivery.

PicoSure Laser’s short pulse duration works to reduce any discomfort felt during the treatment. The PicoSure Laser targets the pigment in the tattoo, not the surrounding skin tissue, which results in fewer treatments and far less damage to the skin surrounding the tattoo.

Because the PicoSure Laser only requires a few treatments, time and money are saved too. The cost per treatment is typically lower than other tattoo removal methods, and since it requires fewer treatments, the whole process is completed in a much shorter time frame. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to remove large, colorful, or complex tattoos.

Overall, PicoSure Laser treatments are an effective and efficient solution for those who need to remove an unwanted tattoo. At HCM Aesthetics, we believe that fewer treatments and a much faster recovery time has made this tattoo removal the preferred option for clients in Houston, Tx. 

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