PicoSure treatments at HCM Aesthetics is Safe For All Skin Types in Houston, Texas


PicoSure is Safe for All Skin Types

At HCM Aesthetics, we know that every skin type has different care requirements. That is why we are excited to share the PicoSure Laser. This powerful, yet safe, laser treatment option for people of all skin types and tones. It can help treat a wide range of difficult skin conditions, such as acne scars, large pores, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. It’s effectiveness is notable in both lighter and darker skin types, making it the go-to treatment for all.

PicoSure Laser not only provides effective results, but it also has minimal risks and downtime. This unique laser treatment offers the potential to create a more youthful and even skin tone. With this revolutionary technology, no one needs to feel like their skin issues are hopeless.

Thanks to its unique capabilities, PicoSure Laser can target many of the most stubborn skin issues without the discomfort or risks associated with older laser treatments. As a result, people with darker skin tones can enjoy the same effective treatment as those with lighter skin, ensuring everyone can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

At the same time, PicoSure’s short pulse duration and unique spot size also helps minimize the risks of injury, skin irritation and scarring –– making it a safe, easy to use, and reliable option for all skin tones. With PicoSure Laser, everyone can confidently and safely get the best results from their skin treatments.

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